Marshall Krassenstein

Marshall Krassenstein

Data Scientist



Hi, I’m Marshall. I’m glad you’re here.

Seriously, I am happy you came to visit. I love building things that people want to look at even if they only stop by for a minute or two.

About me

I’m a Pythonista, R Pirate, Machine Learning Enthusiast, SQL Monkey, and Data Nerd. I’m also an expert with some BI tools like Tableau and Alteryx but I tell everyone I hate using them because I think coding is more fun.

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  • Machine Learning
  • Interactive Visualization
  • Dabbling in Software Engineering
  • MS Computational Analytics, 2020

    Georgia Institute of Technology

  • BA Economics, 2016

    Northwestern University


Having a dog


Answer all of your RFPs really fast with the RFP Monster
An app I built to automate answering RFPs with Langchain and FAISS
Presenting img2cmap
The perfect package for extracting color maps from images in Python
Predicting Pokemon Battles with Streamlit and DataRobot
An app I built that predicts the winner of pokemon battles
Two Way Analytics with Shiny and Postgres SQL
An app I built to show users Persistent Storage in Shiny.
Exploring US Migration with Streamlit
An app I built to explore migration in the United States
Using DataRobot to Predict High Risk Loans
An application created with Tableau with Predictions and Explanations generated by DataRobot
Presenting Shmapy
The fabulous package for building hex maps and facet maps in Python